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Why Choose Dove Hearing?

At our centres in Lichfield, Hanley & Burton on Trent, we are passionate about providing an expert service offering impartial advice on hearing loss and hearing systems. 

No Pressure Sell 

With Dove Hearing Centres, you’ll never get the hard sell when it comes to hearing aids. Instead, we put our complete focus on assessing your hearing, determining the degree of loss and then looking at all the treatment options available to you. 

Our hearing specialists will never push you to purchase a product you aren’t sure of. Following your hearing test, they will make recommendations on the best course of action and only move forwards on your say so. 

Unrivalled Expertise

With over 20 years in the audiology business, at Dove Hearing Centres, you will receive free, unbiased advice on how to deal with your hearing loss and the highest level of support possible depending on your individual needs. 

Independent Hearing Centres

As independent hearing centres, we can recommend the most appropriate hearing device for you from all of the world’s leading hearing aid manufacturers such ass Oticon, Widex, Phonak, Starkey, GN ReSound and Unitron.

We aren’t affiliated with any one brand, but instead ensure that we recommend the best products for your needs throughout your journey with us.

Comprehensive Care

From your free hearing test* or ear wax removal through to the aftercare you receive from us, you will always receive the very highest standards of care at Dove Hearing Centres. 

We use the latest evidence based fitting and testing procedures to ensure the very best results possible with each of our hearing aids. 

Peace of Mind

With Dove Hearing Centres, you will always be supported. Not only do we provide exceptional levels of free aftercare and ongoing checkups, we also offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee on all new hearing aids to ensure the best fit for your lifestyle. 

* Free hearing tests for over 50's