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Ear Wax Removal

Some ear wax is normal, but if too much is produced or the wax fails to fall out naturally, your hearing could be affected by the buildup over time. At Dove Hearing Centres, we specialise in micro suction ear wax removal, a process which allows us to gently and safely remove ear wax which is hard and impacted.

With hearing centres in Hanley, Burton on Trent and Lichfield, our hearing experts can perform the procedure safely and effectively and you should be able to hear the difference straight away.

The cost for micro suction ear wax removal is £60 per appointment call to check availability.

What is Micro Suction Ear Wax Removal?

Micro suction ear wax removal is the quickest and safest method of ear cleaning and is suitable for hard and impacted wax.

Using a microscope or surgical loupes to look straight into the ear canal, a sterile suction device is gently placed into the ear canal. Once in place, suction then carefully removes the wax with no mess.

The process itself is very quick and as the device allows us to maintain constant visibility of the ear canal, we can ensure that all wax is removed comfortably and with minimal risk of further complications.

Why Choose Micro Suction Ear Wax Removal Over Other Forms of Ear Cleaning?

Ear wax is commonly removed by syringing or ear irrigation, a process whereby a jet of water is directed into the ear canal to remove the wax. This procedure however isn’t suitable for everyone.

In fact, if you have a perforated eardrum or you have had a perforation in the last 12 months you cannot undergo the procedure. If you have experienced discharge from the ear, suffer from recurring infections or have had major ear surgery you cannot undergo the procedure either.

Micro suction ear wax removal on the other hand provides a safer option for such cases. Below are some of the key benefits of choosing micro suction ear cleaning:

  • Micro suction is often more effective – in fact clients often only need one visit
  • The procedure is generally safer too as the professional can clearly see what is happening within the ear canal at all times during the removal
  • As no water is used it is also generally less messy
  • It is generally more comfortable too
  • Micro suction is also safe for people with perforations and for people with large mastoid cavities from surgical work



Book an Appointment Today for Ear Wax Removal

We understand hearing better than anyone else and treat all our clients with dignity and respect. If you would like to more information about our ear wax removal services or you would like to book an appointment, please do not hesitate to get in touch or pop into our hearing centres directly. We have hearing centres located in Hanley, Lichfield and Burton on Trent and our friendly team will be more than happy to help with any enquiries you may have.