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Dangers of Buying Online

You may have visited websites claiming to offer the same hearing aids and equivalent services as Dove Hearing for a much lower price.  It seems very tempting but there are a few things you should consider before making an appointment through a website offering the 'cheapest price'.

  • The people running the websites are not the ones you will buy your hearing aids from.  They are a lead generating website.
  • When you do want to make an appointment your information is sold onto a third party, usually a hearing aid dispenser working door to door from the boot of his car.
  • In return for your appointment the dispenser pays a fee to the company running the website.
  • It is important to realise that the dispenser fitting your hearing aids is responsible for the 'lifetime aftercare' promised, not the company running the website.

Unfortunately we regularly have enquiries from patients who have been unable to get back in touch with the dispenser that they purchased the hearing aid from, usually the phone number is unavailable, so they are unable to access their aftercare.

At Dove Hearing we are different....

  • We have the latest testing and hearing aid fitting facilities at our branch based hearing centres in Burton, Hanley and Lichfield.
  • We have been established for over fourteen years.
  • We work to the highest standards to ensure you get the maximum possible improvement in your hearing.
  • We offer excellent levels of aftercare service.
  • We are up to 40% less than National companies please give us a call to discuss any hearing aid.