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Lyric from Dove Hearing

The new 100% invisible hearing aid for extended wear

Perfect for mild to moderate hearing loss, the Lyric hearing aid is completely invisible and is the world’s first hearing aid which can be worn for extended periods of time. No one can see how well you can hear 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The Lyric device is placed deep within the ear canal at our practice and at just 12mm long it sits just 4 mm from your ear drum, using the natural properties of your ear’s anatomy so you hear the way your ears are designed to. Also, because it can be worn all day and night it lets you live your life without constraints. In fact, people that wear Lyric say they feel like they no longer wear a hearing aid. 

Benefits at a glance:

Lyric is 100% invisible!

  • Lyric invisible hearing aid is completely in the ear canal and is the most cosmetic hearing aid on the market.
  • No one will ever see how well you can hear. 
  • Effortless Hearing 24/7

Lyric is effortless: 

  • You can wear the Lyric invisible hearing aid for all activities, including showering, exercising and sleeping. 
  • No daily insertion or removal, battery changes or maintenance. 
  • People who wear Lyric say that they no longer feel like a hearing aid user! 
  • Exceptional, Natural Sound Quality. 
  • We will replace your Lyric every 2-3 Months.
  • Due to the placement of Lyric – you are using the natural properties of your outer ear to improve localisation, feedback and occlusion.

Book your 30 Day Free trial with us today to find out more about the Lyric invisible hearing aid