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Neil and Rebecca Cross RHAD MSHAA started Burton upon Trent Hearing Centre over eleven years ago, it is an independent family run business with over 40 years of hearing industry experience

The success of the business has been based upon giving impartial and professional advice concerning the clients hearing needs and the technology available. The business acquired Wardles Hearing Centre, a 40 year hearing business in 2010, to further expand and develop Dove Hearing Centres the Lichfield branch was opened in 2014.

At their hearing centres in Burton, Lichfield and Stoke-on-Trent they are able to offer a free hearing assessment within a sound proof environment to give an accurate hearing test,  which is then explained in detail to you and dependant on the results the decision is made to either have regular check ups or if a hearing aid is required they can talk you through all of the available options.

As an independent Neil and Rebecca work with all the hearing aid manufacturers, unlike many of the national companies who tend to be affiliated to one or two, they can give impartial advice across the wide range of hearing aids, they are also up to 50% cheaper than other companies, click here to view our range of hearing aids

Within the company there are three main hearing centres in Burton upon Trent, Hanley and Lichfield, they also offer home hearing tests across Staffordshire and Derbyshire.

They have built their business on service, quality, value for money and aftercare, take a look at our testimonials for comments from our happy customers.

Services available at Dove Hearing Centres:

  •     Free hearing test
  •     Micro-suction wax removal
  •     Free independent expert advice on all types of hearing systems
  •     Free ongoing aftercare
  •     High standards of customer care
  •     Time to listen to your hearing problems
  •     Time to help you through your hearing rehabilitation
  •     All types and sizes of hearing aids from all manufacturers
  •     30 day money back guarantee
  •     Battery service
  •     Repairs and adjustments to all makes of hearing aids
  •     Noise protection products and advice
  •     Custom made swim plugs
  •     Programme of regular check ups
  •     Full manufacturer hearing aid warranty
  •     Save up to 40% off national Hearing Company prices
  •     Latest digital hearing aids from £599

If you would like a free no obligation hearing test or would simply like to discuss any hearing or hearing aid queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch.