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How to Get a Hearing Aid

At Dove Hearing Centres, we understand that hearing loss can interfere with your quality of life, often causing distress and discomfort. For this reason, we ensure that all our customers receive the highest quality of care and attention to help you to find the best solution to make managing your hearing impairment easier. With hearing centres in Stoke on Trent, Lichfield and Burton on Trent, we are conveniently placed to help clients of all ages across Staffordshire.

Below is a breakdown of what you can expect during your hearing journey:

Step 1: The Consultation

During the first stage, we will spend some time discussing the difficulties you are having with your hearing, the type of lifestyle that you lead, and we will take time to understand your listening needs, goals and expectations.

Step 2: The Hearing Test

We then examine your ear with an otoscope. At this point we are looking at the health of your ear, ear canal and ear drum, we are also looking for obvious obstructions such as wax or infection. If wax is found we can remove your wax quickly and safely with micro-suction wax removal, if infection is found we may have to refer you to your GP.

Next we perform your hearing test with Pure Tone Audiometry to produce your Audiogram. The hearing test involves you wearing headphones and pressing a button in response to a series of pure tone beeping sounds, we perform two different pure tone tests to give us all of the information needed to advise you on the type, degree and nature of your hearing loss.

Step 3: Explaining Your Results and Providing Recommendations

We take the time to explain your hearing test results.

At this point we decide whether you simply need a check up in 12 months for a hearing retest or if we feel that you would benefit from using hearing aids, we will talk to you about the most appropriate option for you from the full range of hearing solutions available in our centre. We will take the following into account:

  • Your technological requirements
  • Size and shape
  • Hearing aid styles
  • Comfort
  • Price

Step 4: Choosing and Fitting Your Hearing Aid

You can expect your hearing aid to be fitted within 7-14 days after your test dependant on the style of hearing aids dispensed. At the fitting we will program your hearing aids to your exact requirements. Once complete, you can then take your hearing aids home!

Step 5: Using Your Heading Aid

It is a good idea to get used to wearing your hearing aids in a familiar and comfortable situations, such as at home with the family. Once you are used to wearing your hearing aids you can wear them all the time apart from when sleeping or bathing.

You may notice several things when you start using your hearing aids:

  • Speech, music, television and background noises will sound louder and clearer
  • Consonants such as ‘s’, ‘t’ and ‘ch’ will be more defined
  • Your own voice will also sound different, this is something that you adapt to over time


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Follow Up Appointments, Fine Tuning & After Care

Following your fitting, you will be invited for a follow up appointment where we can discuss any necessary adjustments to the sound quality. It is a good idea to make a list of anything you notice you would like adjusting in advance. During this appointment we will discuss how you have been getting along over the last 2 weeks. We can then make fine tuning adjustments to your hearing aids to further personalise the sound for you. These adjustments can make all the difference in the long run and help you get the most from your hearing aids.

Once you have completed your follow up appointments we shall recall you regularly for a check-up, this is important as we shall check that your hearing aid.

For more information or to speak to one our hearing professionals, call your local hearing centre today.