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Unitron Pro Moxi All / T-Max / Tempus / Insera / Stride

by Unitron

The extremely high performance of the pro conquers the listening environments that patients find the most challenging conversations in noise and crowds. 


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Unitron Pro is the premium level of technology in this range. It has 20 Processing Channels

Features of the Pro:

  • 20 Processing Channels.
  • SoundNav – 7 Environments, automatically and seamlessly identifies and classifies different environments.
  • SpeechPro - Automatically engages in extremely difficult background noise, using spatial binaural processing to provide 360° speech detection so you can clearly hear talkers from any direction.
  • Binaural Phone – Wirelessly streams audio signals from the cellular or landline phone ear to the other ear, for clear, balanced phone conversations.
Key features of the Range:
  • Automatic Adaption Manager – Helps new wearers overcome resistance by gently and comfortably transitioning them from the amplification they want to the amplification they need for long-term optimal speech understanding.
  • Rechargeable - The Moxi Fit R hearing aid is rechargeable.
  • Manual Programs – Allows specific settings for different listening environments.
  • Sound Conductor – Dynamically balances the appropriate features to deal with each unique listening scenario identified by SoundNav.
  • Adaptive Directional – This uses a multi-band adaptive directional polar pattern to improve speech understanding in noise.
  • Manual Programs – Allows specific settings for different listening environments.
  • Tinnitus Master – Reduces the effects of tinnitus.
  • Frequency Compression – An industry leading feature for severe to profound hearing loss. By shifting sounds away from areas where hearing is most damaged and compressing them into the audible range, patients experience a fuller range of sounds for improved awareness and speech intelligibility.
  • MyMusic – Specialized frequency response / gain offsets for the music program designed to enhance the music listening experience based on user preference.
  • Easy-T - An optional feature, which automatically switches the hearing instrument to a telephone program when a telephone receiver is held next to the hearing instrument.
  • Adaptive Directional – Multiband, Improves speech understanding in noise.
  • Pinna Effect – Recreates the natural acoustics of the ear’s pinna, providing a much more true-to-life directionality, particularly in the high frequencies.
  • AntiShock 2 – Eliminates the discomfort caused by sudden impulse noises.
  • Wind Control – Reduces amplification in hearing instrument channels where wind noise is detected to improve listening comfort.
  • Feedback Management – automatically eliminates whistling.
  • Natural Sound Balance – Solves the challenge in open fittings that can occur when unnatural artifacts are produced as unamplified sounds enter the ear canal and combine with amplified sounds. Natural Sound Balance monitors these sounds and adaptively adjusts to preserve one clear, balanced signal.


  • Remote Control 2 
  • uStream – Wireless connectivity           
  • uDirect 3 - Audio streamer
  • uTV 3 -Television streamer
  • uMic –Microphone
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