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Phonak Virto B-Titanium B70

by Phonak

Phonak Virto B-Titanium is an innovative custom product for mild to severe hearing losses in two performance levels. They are the ideal solution for those who prefer the best hearing performance in the most cosmetically attractive custom made hearing solution.

The Virto B-Titanium B70 is the advanced performance level.

  • 16 Processing Channels.




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The Phonak Virto B-Titanium B70 is the Advanced level of technology available. It has 16 Processing Channels

Key features of the Virto B-Titantium range:

  • 5 Additional Programs – Allowing for personalisation.
  • SoundRelax - Cushions sudden loud or unpleasant impulse sounds.
  • Music - Experience a fuller and richer sound.
  • Comfort in Noise - Reduces noise when no speech present.
  • Calm Situation - Provides optimal gain for speech understanding when engaging in one-to-one conversations.
  • Acoustic Phone - Streams phone calls to the other ear.
  • FlexControl - Adjustment tool.
  • Flex Volume -  Increased clarity where more volume is required.
  • SoundRecover 2 - Makes high pitched sounds easier to hear in all situations.
  • Tinnitus Balance Noise Generator - Generates a broadband sound for use in tinnitus management therapies.
  • WhistleBlock - Eliminates annoying whistling from your hearing aids.
  • NoiseBlock - Reduces annoying background noise.
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