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Audibel Via Edge AI i2400

by Audibel

Introducing the world’s first 2.4 GHz custom rechargeables. Via Edge AI delivers the most advanced artificial intelligence technology possible in modern hearing aids, providing you with smart, immediate adjustments for the most challenging environments. also available in RIC & BTE styles. 

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The Via Edge AI i2400 is a premium level hearing aid, It has 24 Channels

Key Features of VIA Edge AI:

  • Body & Brain Tracking.
  • Fitness Tracking
  • Fall Detection & Alerts.
  • Thrive Virtual Assistant - Troubleshoot hearing aid issues by asking a question. 
  • Rechargeable - Charger can charge a pair of hearing aids up to four times on one charge.
  • Voice-to-Text Transcription - See the a conversation on a smart phone.
  • Self Checking - For hearing aid performance.
  • Language Translation - Up to 27 languages
  • Tap Control.
  • Feedback Control - Eliminates feedback.
  • Speech Optimization.
  • Wind - Noise reduction for comfort of wind noise.
  • Cros Technology Available - A soloution for single-sided hearing loss. RIC or BTE styles only
  • Smart Volumne Control - Gives a desired and needed increase in loudness.
  • Music Enhancement.
  • 24 Channels
  • 10KHz Bandwidth.
  • Ear-to Ear Technology.
  • Digital Processing.
  • Tinitus Technology.
  • Hearing Care Anywhere - Request adjustments using the Thrive app.
  • Personalized Control - Make minor adjustments yourself.
  • Phone Calls - Answer calls and stream the conversation directly to the hearing aid.


  • TV Streamer
  • Remote Microphone +
  • Mini Remote Microphone
  • Remote Control 
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