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Ear Wax Removal Tamworth

Are you suffering from a build-up of earwax? Is it painful or irritating? Have you suffered any degree of hearing loss recently? If so, you could benefit from our ear wax removal in Tamworth service which will quickly and painlessly remove any blockage in your ear. You will not only be less prone to infections but also be able to hear better almost immediately after the procedure. There is no need for you to suffer from the condition any longer as Dove Hearing offers the very best wax removal service.


Wax Removal Tamworth


Quality & Affordable Ear Wax Removal in Tamworth 

Our service is not only very effective, it is incredible value too. Our clients are often amazed at the difference it makes to their hearing and overall comfort. You can also reduce the risk of picking up an ear infection with ear wax removal as well as improve the quality of your hearing. We charge £60 per appointment. 

Contact Dove for Wax Removal

It is highly recommended by hearing experts and doctors that you get this procedure done via a trusted, professional service. Doing it yourself can cause damage to your inner ear leading to severe hearing problems and a much-increased chance of infection. Dove Hearing have decades of experience in doing this so you can rely on us to remove any blockage you may have. To find out more, you can pop into any of our hearing centres based in Staffordshire including Burton, Hanley and Lichfield. Alternatively, you can contact our wax removal experts here at any time.