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Tinnitus Treatment in Hanley

It’s thought that around 10% of the population in the UK suffer from mild to extreme tinnitus. Tinnitus is usually known as a ringing in the ears, but it can come in the form of many sounds including hissing, grinding sounds and humming. It can affect a person’s standard of life, making them unable to sleep or have any peace from inner noises.

Tinnitus Treatment in Hanley

Tinnitus can sometimes have underlying causes and if this is the case it’s important to have the correct tinnitus treatment to try and cure the condition. A build-up of earwax is a common cause of this condition, and so ear wax removal can help to relieve this. Here at Dove Hearing we supply a range of tinnitus treatment in Hanley including wax removal treatment to give you quick and easy relief from tinnitus.

However, sometimes there isn’t an underlying cause and so the tinnitus treatments focus on coping with the condition.  Hearing loss can have a major effect on tinnitus, making the noises more prominent and harder to deal with. Therefore, solving these hearing problems with hearing aids can reduce your hearing strain and preventing your ears from working as hard. Tinnitus treatment can help you to reduce the negative effects of tinnitus, enabling you to live a normal life without the irritants the condition can cause.

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Here at Dove Hearing, we believe that everyone should receive reasonably priced tinnitus treatments with the highest level of customer service. Contact us or visit our Stoke on Trent hearing centre and speak to one of our expert team members, who can advise you on the best tinnitus treatment in Hanley for you.