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Starkey Evolv AI 2000

by Starkey

Evolv AI is reimagining effortless hearing by performing 55 million automatic adjustments per hour.

Starkey's always-on, always automatic, and always effortless hearing technology delivers realistic and genuine sound quality in every listening environment without the need to do anything extra.

Evolv AI incorporates unprecedented levels of adaptation providing a 40% reduction in noise energy for challenging listening environments compared to previous technology.

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The Evolv AI 2000 is a advanced level hearing aid:

  • 20 Processing Channels.
  • Edge Mode
  • Transcribe
  • Find my Phone
  • Music Adaptation - Level 2
  • E2E Music Adaption
  • E2E Wind Noise Management
  • E2E Machine Noise Adaptation
  • E2E Directionality**
  • E2E Phone Streaming*
  • Auto Music - Level 2
  • Quiet - Level 2
  • Spatial Speech Enhancement
  • Machine Noise - up to 10db reduction
  • Speech in Noise - up to 10db reduction
  • Transient Noise - up to 9db reduction
  • Wind - up to 15db reduction 

Key Features of Evolv AI Range:

  • Speech Optimization
  • Directional Processing
    • Immersion
    • Adaptive
    • Dynamic
  • Telehear Health Service
  • 2 Way Audio
  • Engagement and Activity Tracking
  • Fall Alert
  • Reminders
  • Self Check
  • Auto on/off


  • Mini Remote Microphone
  • Remote Microphone +
  • Table Microphone
  • Remote
*Available on RIC R, RIC 312 and BTE 13
**Available for products with directional microphones
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