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Tinnitus - How we can help

Posted by Neil Cross on 10/02/2017 16:41

Tinnitus – how we can help

Tinnitus is hearing sound when there is no external noise. It can manifest itself in a variety of ways  – a humming, ringing, buzzing, it can be high or low pitched, continuous or it may come and go.

It is debilitating, can disrupt sleep, cause depression and can be associated with hearing loss.

Here our audiologists Rebecca and Neil Cross explain how Dove Hearing Centres can help some tinnitus sufferers. 

What should people do if they think they have tinnitus?

Rebecca: “In the first instance they should visit their GP who will be able to assess them and advise on the best course of action. This may involve referring them to certain hospital services or advising they visit a qualified audiologist, such those at Dove Hearing Centres.”

What causes tinnitus?

Neil: “The exact causes of tinnitus are not known but it is widely agreed that it occurs as a result in some sort of change to a person’s health, whether that is mental or physical. It can be associated with a number of things such as stress, anxiety, loud noises, blockages such as ear wax, ear infections and hearing loss.”

What can Dove Hearing Centres do to help people with tinnitus?

Rebecca: “Each case is different, so we would recommend a hearing assessment where we can check your hearing, assess and discuss your tinnitus. There are hearing aids and tinnitus maskers available but we do also have tinnitus management advice dependent on the problems being experienced.”

For anyone who feels they could benefit from our help, contact any of our centres: Burton – 01283 511820; Hanley – 01782 253531 or Lichfield – 01543 262670.


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