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Audio Service G5 4 QuiX / Ida BT / Sina / Icon

by Audio Service

Audio Service Custom and Instant Fit hearing aids are small and discreet, virtually invisible throughout use and can be controlled easily through the Smart Remote App. Wireless functionality also means this hearing system can be connected to other audio sources for a simple, relaxed listening experience. 

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Audio Service custom and instant fit family

Features of the 4:

  • 16 Processing Channels
  • 8 Frequency Channels
  • 8 AGC Channels
  • 8 MPO Channels
  • Acclimatic
Key features of the 4 range:
  • 4 Hearing Programs
  • Data Logging
  • Comfort 365
  • Anti-Feedback System
  • Adaptive Noise Reduction
  • Wiener Filter
  • TRC S
  • Selective Frequency Compression
  • Binarual Synchronization 

 Hearing Aid Accessories:

  • Smart Remote App (option)
  • Smart Connect App (option)
  • Smart Connect
  • Smart Remote
  • Smart Key
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