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Wax Removal

At Dove Hearing Centres Neil, Rebecca & Candy are fully trained in ear wax removal using micro-suction.

How much does Micro-suction Wax Removal Cost?

The cost for Micro-suction wax removal is £45 per appointment. No Wax No Fee

What is Micro-suction Wax Removal?

Micro-suction is a procedure which uses gentle suction to remove excessive ear wax.  Using a microscope or surgical loupes to look straight into the ear canal, a sterile suction device is placed into the ear canal, the suction then gently removes the wax. 

It is advisible to use olive oil for 24 to 48 hours prior to having micro-suction wax removal.

What are the advantages of micro-suction over other forms of wax removal?

Wax removal is more commonly removed by syringing or ear irrigation using a jet of water into the ear canal to remove the wax, micro-suction has several advantages over this method:

  • It is safer as you professional can see what is happening within the ear canal at all times during removal
  • It is more effective often only needing one visit
  • It is less messy
  • It is generally more comfortable

For more information or to book a wax removal or assessment appointment please contact us now at one of hearing centres in Burton, Lichfield and Hanley.