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Ear Wax Removal Burton

At Dove Hearing, we understand the importance of ear care and know that a buildup of ear wax can be a painful condition. If you are suffering from decreased hearing, dizziness, ringing in the ear, itching or a general plugged or fullness sensation then you may have too much ear wax. If left untreated, a buildup of ear wax can lead to long term damage including infections and a severe loss of hearing so it is vital you get it seen to sooner rather than later.

Causes of Ear Wax

Common causes of ear wax build-up include:

  • Some people naturally have more ear wax.
  • Your ear canals are hairy or narrow. 
  • As you get older, ear wax can get harder and more difficult to fall out.
  • Wax can often be pushed further down if you frequently put something in your ear (earplugs, headphones)
Ear wax is inescapable as it is there to protect your ears from dirt and germs. However, if you require ear wax removal in Burton, please speak to Dove Hearing today.

Wax Removal Burton


Pick Dove Hearing for Ear Wax Removal in Burton

The NHS and leading hearing experts all strongly advise you should get this service from an experienced professional. There are many ear wax removal products available on the market but performing it yourself is extremely dangerous. If you damage your inner ear it could lead to severe hearing loss or lead to a perforated eardrum. Here at Dove, we have years of experience performing this operation and know how to do it quickly and effectively. The process itself is totally painless and our clients are often amazed at the results. Ear wax buildup often goes unnoticed as the loss of hearing is gradual. However, once completed, the results speak for themselves as people’s hearing returns almost immediately. We charge £60 per appointment. 

Safe Ear Wax Removal in Burton 

A build up of earwax can be painful and irritating. It may feel like you are underwater, sounds may be muffled, and it can even be painful. We understand that when you experience a build up of earwax that causes these kinds of symptoms it can be tempting to try and address the problem by yourself. However, we strongly advise against this. It is important to not use your finger or any other objects (such as cotton buds) to remove earwax, as it can cause serious problems with your inner ear and make the problem worse. 

Earwax is totally normal and shouldn't ordinarily pose a problem. Also known as cerumen, it stops your ears from drying out and becoming itchy and acts as a barrier against infection while protecting the eardrum. Earwax is only a problem if one or both of your ear canals begin to produce extra. In recent years, methods of ear wax removal such as ear candles and ear vaccums have become popular, however it is improtant to note that there is no evidence of their effectiveness. 

Earwax can be treated through drops, irrigation and microsuction. That being said, ear drops and irrigation aren't always suitable if you have a perforated eardrum. 

Talk to us Today About Ear Wax Removal in Burton

Dove Hearing are a family run business that has operated in Staffordshire for decades. We take a huge amount of pride in the quality of our customer care and always treat our customers with dignity and respect. If you feel that you require our ear wax removal services then pop into one of hearing centres for a free hearing test and consultation with one of our friendly hearing experts. Alternatively, you can contact us here to discuss your problem in more detail.