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Unitron Discovery 9 / Moxi Fit Pro / Moxi Jump R 9

by Unitron

The Untron Discovery Moxi Fit hearing aid is Unitron's smallest receiver-in-the-canal hearing aid. Comfy and flexible, this multi-functional hearing system produces high-quality sound and allows users to connect to Bluetooth devices and seamlessly stream audio. The accompanying smartphone app also allows remote adjustments by your hearing specialist.

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Unitron Discovery 9  / Moxi Fit Pro / Moxi Jump R 9 is the advanced level of technology in this range.

Features of the 9 and Pro:

  • 12 Processing Channels.
  • SoundNav 3 - 4 Listening environments
    • Quiet
    • Noise
    • Conversation in quiet
    • Conversation in noise
  • Spatial Awareness
    • Pinna effect
Key features of the Range:
  • Total streaming environments 2
    • MediaNav speech
    • MediaNav music
  • Sound Contuctor
    • Speech enhancement
    • Nose reduction
    • Microphone features
  • Sound Stabilization
    • AntiShock 2
    • Wind control
    • Feedback manager
    • Natural sound balance
  • Ease and Convenience
    • Made for All direct connectivity
    • TV Connector
    • DuoLink
    • Binaural Phone
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