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Siemens Styletto 5

by Siemens

Powered by Signia Nx, the effortless Siemens Styletto 5 hearing aid is a stylish and high-tech solution for individuals with hearing loss. Beautifully designed in a range of colour combinations including rose gold and cosmic blue, these rechargeable hearing aids will help you embrace life in any environment. Smartphone users can now enjoy improved listening experiences through accessing the touchControl App available for both iOS and Android devices.


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  • 3D Classifier - Level 4
  • 32 Channels
  • Speech and Noise Management - Level 5
  • SoundSmoothing - Level 3
  • Directional Speech Enhancement - Level 1
  • HD Music - 1 Preset
  • Speech Focus

Key features of the range:

  • Own Voice Processing - for the most natural sounding own voice available.
  • 6 Hearing Aid Programs – For personalisation.
  • HD Spatial - Enhances cues which contribute to the wearer's sense of direction and depth in all environments - from quiet to very noisy
  • Extended Dynamic Range - For clear sound reproduction in noisy environments.
  • eWindScreen – Provides better listening comfort in the presence of wind.
  • Feedback Cancellation – Suppresses feedback whistling.
  • Narrow Directionality – Narrows the beam of the directional microphone to focus on the speaker directly in front of the wearer.
  • TwinPhone 
  • Frequency Compression – Allows the wearer to hear high-pitched sounds such as consonant sounds and phone rings.
  • Tinnitus Noiser - Reduces the effects of tinnitus.
  • touchControl App - iOS and Android 
  • MiniPocket - Remote Control.
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