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Siemens Intuis 3 Hearing Aid

by Siemens

The Siemens Intuis 3 hearing aid comes in both BTE & ITE designs. Equipped with automatic directional microphones that provide a precise hearing experience and feedback cancellation for improved performance, it reduces the effort of speech understanding in noise and suppresses feedback whistling. The entire Intuis 3 family is remotely controllable for easy and discreet handling, and TeleCare ready for smoother, faster trials and customer satisfaction.

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The Intuis 3 is available in BTE & ITE models. It has 12 processing channels.

Features of the Intuis 3 range:

  • 12 Processing Channels.
  • 4 Hearing Programs – Allows specific settings for different listening environments.
  • Directional Microphone – More sensitive to sounds coming from one direction than another. (BTE only)
  • Feedback Cancellation - Suppresses feedback whistling.
  • Speech & Noise Management - on/off - Reduces the effort of speech understanding in noise. It also makes listening in noisy situations more comfortable by dampening the general noise level.

Hearing Aid Accessories:

  • Mini Pocket - Remote Control
  • touchControl App - Remote Control using a Smartphone
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