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Phonak Audeo Marvel 30 Hearing Aid

by Phonak

A hearing aid filled with a new generation of Phonak technology, the Audeo Marvel 30 hearing aid is a discreet and adaptive system that will change your life. From better speech understanding in noise to less listening effort - you'll be amazed at just how efforlessly this hearing aid performs in your day-to-day routine and beyond.

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The Audeo Marvel 30 is the premium performance level

  • 8 Processing Channels
  • Rechargeable version available.

Key Features of the Audeo Marvel Range:

  • Calm Situation – Creates a comfortable listening environment to simply relax or enjoy a one to one conversation.
  • Speech in Noise – Adapts and reduces noise from behind, applies and optimises the signal-to-noise ratio in noisy environments.
  • 3 Additional Programs – Allowing for personalisation.
  • Acoustic Phone - Steams the signal to the other ear so the caller’s voice is heard in both ears.
  • UltraZoom – Zooms in on voices of people facing you, while noise from the side and back is reduced.
  • SoundRecover 2 – Makes high-pitched sounds easier to hear in all situation.
  • WhistleBlock – Eliminates annoying whistling from hearing aids.
  • NoiseBlock – Reduces uncomfortable background noise such as traffic without affecting your ability to understand.
  • QuickSync – Allows you to control both hearing aids with just one touch of the button.
  • Auto Acclimatization - The right amplification level at the right time automatically.


  • RogerDirect - Stream directly to hearing aids.
  • TV Connector - Stream TV 
  • Smart Phone Apps 
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