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Oticon Siya 1 Hearing Aid

by Oticon

The Oticon Siya 1 hearing aid gives you the power and freedom to enjoy your life. Using ultra-fast Velox chip technology, this hearing system processes sound 50 times faster than ever before and allows you to make the most of every moment. With 48 processing channels and 10 fitting bands, the Oticon Siya 1 brings exceptional sound quality alongside advanced noise reduction and Bluetooth connectivity to your smartphone and TV.

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Oticon Siya 1 is the top level of technology in this range. It has 48 processing channels

Key features of the Siya range:
  • Adaption Management - Adapts in 3 steps for gradual user acclimatisation to a new hearing aid.
  • Stereo Streaming - Streams audio input in stereo. (except CIC or IIC)
  • Feedback Shield LX - An ultra-fast and effective feedback management system.
  • Wind Noise Management - Protects against the discomfort of wind noise. (except CIC or IIC)
  • Noise Reduction LX - Helps in noisy situations by turning down the loud and intense noise.
  • Multiband Adaptive Directionality LX - Provides optimised speech understanding by suppressing multiple interfering noise sources. (except CIC or IIC)
Hearing Aid Accessories: Not including CIC or IIC hearing aids
  • Made for iPhone - When the hearing aid is directly connected to iPhone it can double as a wireless headset.
  • Oticon ON App - Allows the user to adjust the volume, switch between programs and settings.
  • TV Adapter 3.0 - Stream stereo audio to your hearing aids.
  • Remote Control 3.0 - Adjust volume, switch between programs or control connectivity sources.

Features of the Siya 1:

  • 48 Processing Channels
  • 10 Fitting Bands
  • Speech Rescue LX  - For improved speech understanding
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