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Audio Service Mood Li-Ion 8 Hearing Aid

by Audio Service

The Audio Service Mood Li-Ion 8 hearing aid is a rechargeable hearing aid that defines a new technical standard. Able to connect easily to smartphones, TVs or HiFi devices, this high-quality hearing aid adapts to every situation. And with up to 19 hours of battery life with full connectivity thanks to the powerful lithium-ion batter, you'll never be without. Available in 3 technology levels. Style: RIC.

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The Mood by Audio Service is a RIC hearing system with lithium-ion technology

Features of the Mood Li-Ion 8:

  • 34 Processing Channels
  • 12 Frequency Channels
  • 12 AGC Channels
  • 12 MPO Channels
  • Anti-Feedback System
  • Programmable Tinnitus Function
  • 6 Hearing Programs
    • 2earPhone
  • Wireless 
    • AudioLink
    • Binaural Synchronization
    • Direct Audio Streamin iPhone
    • Cros/BiCross Available
  • Automatic Functions
    • Occlumatic
    • Comfort365
    • Acclimatic
    • Comformatic
  • Noise Manager 
    • Adaptive Noise Reduction
    • Wiener Filter
    • Adaptive Wind Noise Reduction
    • Impulse Suppressor
    • Auto-situation adaption
  • AudioTronic Multi-Microphone System
    • Panorama
    • Directional Static
    • Automatic
    • Adaptive
  • Frequency & Dynamics
    • Extended Dynamic Range
    • TRC S
    • Selective Frequency Compression
    • Volume Setting Dependant on Environment
Hearing Aid Accessories:   
  • Smart Direct App    (option)     
  • Smart Mic
  • Smart Key
  • Smart Li-Ion Power
  • Smart Transmitter 2.4
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