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Hearing Aids Sutton Coldfield

Dove Hearing have three centres spread over Staffordshire in Stoke on Trent, Burton upon Trent and Lichfield. We’re a family run business with over 40 years of experience. This makes us experts in hearing aids and specialist hearing technologies and enables us to give you the very best advice. Our hearing aid audiologists will guide you through the hearing aid buying process from initial consultation, to hearing tests and a comprehensive after care service, giving you personal care at every step.

Our range of hearing aids is vast and varied and includes brands such as ReSound, Starkey, Widex and Oticon. These brands are constantly innovating and developing new ways to rehabilitate your hearing loss and we specialise in the sale of digital hearing aids, programmable analogue hearing aids, behind the ear, invisible in canal, in the ear, in the canal and completely in the canal hearing aids. New technologies are not only developed to improve the hearing aid capacity, but also to make the device small and unnoticeable. This means that our hearing aids can be completely invisible, providing discreet and effective hearing solutions. Hearing aids can completely transform your life, improving your communication with others and helping you to regain your independence.

hearing aids sutton coldfield

Invisible Hearing Aids in Sutton Coldfield

If after having had a hearing test you are advised that your hearing problems require you to wear a hearing aid. The prospect of this could be quite daunting and you may feel very self-conscious, but an invisible hearing aid is the answer. This is a small device which is placed within the ear canal for those who would prefer not to draw attention to their hearing loss. Utilising the latest audio technology, this tiny instrument will improve your audiological experience of the world around you. Empowering you to hear conversations, music, the TV and radio alongside everyday sounds while out and about. You can reconnect with and improve your lifestyle without anyone being aware that you are wearing a hearing aid. Dove Hearing Centre experts can recommend and fit invisible hearing aids in Sutton Coldfield for complete discretion.

Tinnitus Hearing Aids in Sutton Coldfield

Tinnitus is a condition where a person experiences a buzzing, ringing, humming or a high pitched tone within their ears or head. This can be constant or intermittent and can occur in either one or both ears. It can be heard without any external source and for those with the condition it can impact upon their daily life, causing stress and disrupting sleep. A solution to this problem is to have a tinnitus hearing aid fitted. Improving your experience of real external sounds masks the tinnitus manifestation and offers relief through the sound balance. Our consultants can find the right device for you and fit tinnitus hearing aids in Sutton Coldfield.

Finding The Right Hearing Aids in Sutton Coldfield 

With so much information and knowledge available at your fingertips, you'd think finding hearing aids in Sutton Coldfield is easy. But often, people struggle to find the right model for them. This could be for a number of reasons, not least because several hearing aid specialists are affiliated with manufacturers and so don't always recommend the best solution to their customers. That being said, at Dove Hearing Centre in Lichfield, we pride ourselves on honesty and integrity. We aren't affiliated with any hearing aid manufacturers, but we do work with them all. Our team of hearing specialists are dedicated to supporting customers throughout their journey with us. From your free hearing test to fitting and on to aftercare, we are with you every step of the way and beyond. 

From wireless digital hearing aids to invisible hearing aids, with Dove Hearing Centre you're sure to find the right fit for you. And we won't stop until you do! 

Contact us for Sutton Coldfield:

Finding a hearing aid in Sutton Coldfield doesn’t have to be a stressful process and here at Dove Hearing Centre inj Lichfield we can help you to find the right hearing aid for your requirements. We’re so confident of our products that we also offer a no quibble, 30 day money back guarantee. To discuss your hearing aid options, please pop in to one of hearing centres, or call our expert team