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GN Resound Linx² 9 Hearing Aid **OLD TECHNOLOGY**

by ReSound

An iPhone compatible hearing system, the ReSound LiNX² 9 is the world's smartest hearing aid. With twice as much processing power as previous models and longer battery life, this version is available in a range of styles and colours to suit your taste and lifestyle.

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The LiNX² 9 is the highest technology in this range, it has 17 WARP™ Channels

The LiNX² 9 is the highest technology in the LiNX range and is suitable for even severe hearing loss.

  • 17 WARP™ Processing Channels.
  • Strong Expansion and Strong Wind Noise Reduction.
  • Synchronised SoftSwitching - the two hearing aids can decide together to gradually and seamlessly switch focus between picking up sounds from all around you when in quiet and in front of you when in background noise to highlight speech.
  • Binaural Environmental Optimizer II – Automatically adjust to other sounds around you, this includes adjusting speech volume and decreasing background noise such as wind and traffic.
  • AutoScope Adaptive Directionality – The Hearing aid automatically projects a narrow or wide focus depending on whether you are speaking to one or several people in background noise.
  • Adjustable Directional Mix - The blend of what frequencies you can hear all around you and directly in front of you can also be personalised.

Key features of the LiNX² range:

  • Noise Tracker™ II – GN ReSound’s latest generation of noise reduction system, allowing comfortable hearing in noise.
  • WindGuard™ - Recognizes and reduces annoying wind noise
  • Comfort Phone - The telephone ear hearing aid automatically changes to a dedicated phone program whilst the non-telephone ear hearing aid reduces in volume slightly to help you concentrate better whilst still being aware of your environment.

The LiNX² comes in a choice of 10 attractive colours


  • Unite Mini Microphone
  • Unite Remote Control  
  • Unite TV - Television Streamer
  • Unite Phone Clip - Bluetooth Streamer
  • Smart app - Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch app

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