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GN Resound Linx² 5 **OLD TECHNOLOGY**

by ReSound

The LiNX² is GN ReSounds smallest wireless hearing aid. It is suitable for most hearing losses.

  • 12 WARP™ Processing Channels
  • Mild Expansion and Mild Wind Noise Reduction
  • SoftSwitching Adaptive Directionality - The hearing aid gradually and seamlessly switches focus between picking up sounds from all around you when in quiet and in front of you when in background noise to highlight speech.

Key features of the LiNX² range:

  • 4 Fully flexible programs – Allowing for personalisation.

The LiNX² comes in a choice of 10 attractive colours


  • Unite Mini Microphone
  • Unite Remote Control  
  • Unite TV - Television Streamer
  • Unite Phone Clip - Bluetooth Streamer
  • Smart app - Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch app

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LiNX² 5 is a standard hearing aid with 12 WARP™ Channels

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