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GN Resound Key 3

by ReSound

Resound Key, enjoy clear, natural sound quality and the confidence to join in conversations effortlessly.Covering all hearing losses from mild to profound: BTEs, RIEs, including rechargeable, and custom.

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The Resound Key 3 is the advanced hearing aid in this range

  • 8 Processing channels 
  • Soft Switching
  • Multiscope Directionality
  • Ear to ear communication

Key features of the Key range:

  • Environmental Classifier
  • Fixed Directionality
  • Noise Tracker II - on/off
  • Expansion - on/off
  • Wind Gaurd - on/off
  • Multiple Amplifaction Strategies
  • Feedback Manager DFS Ultra II - 3 Settings & Auto DFS
  • Synchronised acceptance manager
  • Tinnitus sound generator
  • Low Frequency boost - on/off
  • 4 Programs
  • Data Logging


  • Micro Mic
  • Multi Mic
  • Remote Control 2
  • TV Streamer 2
  • Phone Clip+
  • Smart 3D app 
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