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Oticon Ria 2 (H100*) Hearing Aid **OLD TECHNOLOGY**

by Oticon

The Ria 2 (H100) hearing aid from Oticon is available in a range of styles to suit your lifestyle. Powerful enough to enhance the listening experience of individuals with moderate to profound hearing loss, users benefit from less feedback with improved audibility, auto adjust for better phone calls and personalised programmes that can be adjusted to your own needs and sound preferences.

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The Ria 2 is the entry level in this range, it has 4 Processing Channels.

  • 4 Processing Channels.
  • Binaural Program Button Coordination – Ensuring two Ria instruments work seamlessly together.
  • Manual Adaptation Management – Keeps track of wearing time and takes the amount of amplification that should eventually be most useful.

Key Features of the Ria range:

  • YouMatic Essential – A personal automatic system programmed to the client’s individual needs and sound preferences.
  • Free Focus Essential – Switches seamlessly between two modes of directionality to improve speech understanding in noise.
  • Inium Feedback shield - Efficiently prevents feedback, also in difficult situations, without compromising audibility and sound quality.
  • Auto Phone Program - Adjusts your hearing aids to turn up the sound of speech from the phone whilst lowering the volume in the other hearing aid to cut out noise from the room.

There is full range of styles. These include Behind the Ear and Mini Behind the Ear, Receiver in the Ear and Mini Receiver in the Ear, In the Ear both full and half shell, In the Canal, Completely in the Canal and Invisible in the Canal.


  • ConnectLine Streamer - Stream up to eight devices, including Television, MP3 Players, Mobile Phones, etc.
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