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Siemens Carat Primax Star

by Siemens

Carat Primax Star was designed to deliver optimum amplification for an outstanding hearing experience, This discreet hearing instrument is suitable for almost all levels of hearing loss. Its optional rechargeable battery packs longer lasting power and eliminates the hassle of replacing batteries. The Carat Primax Star is a RIC (receiver-in-the-canal) and is available 3 levels of technology


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Siemens Carat Primax Star a RIC hearing aid available in 3 performance levels

Key features of the Carat Primax Star range:

  • Hearing Aid Programs – For personalisation.
  • Rechargeable Option
  • Volume Control 
  • TwinPhone - The telephone signal is transmitted clearly from one hearing aid to the other.
  • T-Coil 
  • Tinnitus Noiser - Reduces the effects of tinnitus.
  • Directional Microphones – Allows the wearer to understand speech even in difficult listening environments.
  • IP67 Rated - Resistant to moisture, sweat, dust & dirt for greater reliability.
  • Speech Master - Highlights the dominant speaker.
  • HD Music Program – Delivers a superb listening experience when listening to music.
  • EchoSheild – Reduces reverberation for better sound quality.
  • Narrow Directionality – Narrows the beam of the directional microphone to focus on the speaker directly in front of the wearer.
  • TruEar – Offers better localisation of sounds coming from the front and back.
  • Frequency Compression – Allows the wearer to hear high-pitched sounds such as consonant sounds and phone rings.
  • Feedback Cancellation – Suppresses feedback whistling.
  • eWindScreen – Provides better listening comfort in the presence of wind.


  • touchControl App – iOS and Android devices only.
  • MiniPocket - Remote Control.
  • easyPocket - Remote Control 
  • EasyTek - For audio streaming
  • VoiceLink - Microphone
  • TV Transmitter
  • eCharger - Charging station
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