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Wax Removal in Lichfield, Burton and Hanley

Posted by Dove Hearing on 24/07/2015 16:28

Do you suffer from decreased hearing, a plugged or fullness sensation in your ears or ear pain? You could have a build up of wax which is stopping you hearing correctly. Here at Dove Hearing, we provide a comprehensive service of hearing tests wax removal in Lichfield, Burton and Hanley. We use micro-suction which uses gentle suction to remove excessive ear wax. A microscope or surgical loop is used to look into the ear canal and then a sterilised suction device is placed into the canal, gently sucking the wax away.

The Advantages of Micro Suction Wax Removal

There are many advantages to using this type of wax removal at our hearing centres rather than traditional syringe or ear irrigation methods, including:

  • It is reported to be more comfortable
  • You don’t usually need to return after one visit.
  • It’s safer as the hearing professional can see in the ear at all times.
  • Less messy than syringing methods

Find out more about wax removal in Lichfield, Hanley and Burton:

If you feel that you have any of the symptoms listed then it's important that you get in touch with a member of our team who will take a look at your ear and see if wax removal is needed. Our three hearing centres are positioned in Lichfield, Burton and Hanley and we offer a comprehensive and expert hearing service, priding ourselves on the care and attention we spend on each customer. Wax removal can free you from pain and mild hearing loss, leaving you able to hear clearly again. If you have any questions about wax removal in Lichfield, Burton or Hanley, don’t hesitate in contacting a member of our team


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