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Mr J Foster - Stoke on Trent

Posted by Neil Cross on 22/05/2017 15:05

For years I have been unable to come to terms with wearing a hearing aid. I picked up several leaflets about hearing aids in hope to find how I can cope. I Called into  the Dove Hearing Centre in Hanley. The receptionist was very friendly and polite also answering a few questions, she then booked me an appointment to see the Audiologist.

On the day of my appointment I was met by a smart young lady. I was given a hearing test and then we sat  and discused my problems I was made to feel quite comfortable and she said she would help me all she could. We discussed different hearing aids she suggested a type of hearing aid which she tried on my ear, we then put our coats on and went outside so that I could witness everyday sounds. I was very comfortable with what I encountered.

I ordered that paticular model on a 30 day trial after 2 weeks I went back for minor adjustments. Thanks to Dove Hearing I am very happy and comfortable wearing my aid daily.

I would like to offer my sweet thanks for all you help and kindness shown me. Thank you


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