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Mr Cooper, Walsall

Posted by Dove Hearing on 16/12/2014 16:44

I initially decided to cope without a hearing aid but it became apparent I was missing alot of conversation and started to feel isolated both at work and out with friends.  I opted for a hidden in the canal hearing aid, the device gave the ear a blocked feeling, sounds were very artificial and back ground noise seemed to be amplified more than the voices I was trying to hear.

I then discovered Lyric.  Fitted every couple of months and it can't be seen.  My hearing is returned to the natural sounds experienced before my hearing loss.  Volume can be adjusted and I can switched off for sleeping.  Once fitted there is no maintenance, no battery change nd just the freedom to as close to natural hearing as you can experience.

The Lyric system combined with the care and support provided by Dove hearing Centres Lichfield has enabled me to regain my hearing and once again live a normal life.


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