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Audibel A4 Platinum

by Audibel

Audibel believe that to be fit to hear is to be fit for live. The A4 family helps users hear better so they can live better every single day. Audibel A4 is available in custom products, Mini BTE, BTE, RIC 312t, Micro RIC 312t which is available with a rechargeable option.

The A4 Platinum is the premium level

  • 24 Processing Channels

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The Audibel A4 Platinum is the Premium level in this range. It has 24 processing channels

Key features of the A4 range:
  • Interactive intelligence - Adjusts with enviromental shifts, aids users who are in conversation, allowing them to experience matural and transparent transitions in real time.
  • Music Adaption and Memory - Adjusts to unique individual preferences with music memories. Listen to music the way it was ment to be heard. Automatically adapts for full, rich sound.
  • Ultra-high Definition Sound - For a natural, coordinated and connected hearing experience.
  • Acuity Binaural Imaging - Provides ultr-high definition audio, bringing a more natural ear-to-ear experience.
  • Acuity Directionality – Improves speech audibility in difficult listening situations.
  • Acuity Speech Optimization - For speech optimisation and overall comfort to achieve a superior sound.
  • Acuity Voice - Provides optimal audibility for speech.
  • Music Enhancement - adapts to improve music listening sound quality automatically.
  • Ear-to-Ear Phone Streaming - streams the callers voice to both ears.
  • Feedback Management – Whistlefree feedback cancellation.
  • Surface Nanoshield – Wax and moisture repellent system.
  • Multiflex Tinnitus Technology – Bring relief to those who suffer from ringing in the ears.

 Hearing Aid Accessories:

  • SurfLink Mini Mobile
  • SurfLink Remote Microphone 2
  • SurfLink Media 2
  • SurfLink Mobile 2
  • SurfLink Remote
  • ZPower Rechargable Option *Micro RIC 312t only
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